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Turbosquid Camel (ANIMATED) by cgmobile
Turbosquid Camel (ANIMATED) by cgmobile
max | 3D models | 74 MB

High Detailed Photorealistic Camel(ANIMATED).

Modeling in 3ds max 2015 and rendered with Vray 3.2.

The .max scene is Ready to render with Vray 3.2 settings.
Clean topology based on quads and tris.
This model is completely UVunwrapped and smoothable, rigged in skin pose.
Teeth,tongue and eyeballs are included and modeled separately.
In the folder’maps’ you will find all the maps , used for rendering.
The maps are in the. max .zip.
Real world scale of the model – 180 cm. on the sholder.

********************************************* contain 3 .max files:

01.camel_RIGGED.max – The model in skin pose,rigged and ready for animation.
Vray renderer 3.2 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.

02.camel_walk_cycle – 31 frames walk cycle animation
Vray renderer 3.2 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.

03.camel_run_cycle – 16 frames run cycle animation
Vray renderer 3.2 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.


camel_color_map.png (4096×4096)
camel_displasement_map.png (4096×4096)
camel_normal_map.png (4096×4096)
camel_reflection_map.png (4096×4096)
camel_eye.jpg (900×900)
camel_fur_color02.jpg (1200×1200)
camel_fur_color03.jpg (1200×1200)
camel_fur_color04.jpg (1200×1200)
camel_fur_mask02.jpg (1200×1200)
camel_fur_mask03.jpg (1200×1200)
camel_fur_mask04.jpg (1200×1200)
camel_teeth_base_bump.jpg (2048×2048)
camel_teeth_base_color.jpg (2048×2048)
camel_teeth_bump.jpg (2048×2048)
camel_teeth_color.jpg (2048×2048)
camel_tongue.jpg (1024×1024)

TOTAL: Vertices :9979 / Polygons :7882

camel_body: Vertices :4222 / Polygons :4213

The Rig:
– the model is rigged with 3ds max BONE TOOLS.
– No one custom wire parameters and expretions for animating.Only Animation Controls (Shapes).
– advansed twisting sistem for the spine and the neck with custom wire parameters and expretions.
– 2 morph targets for open/close eyes
– The morph targets are included in the max file.

NOTE: Vray is required for the Max scene.
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