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Model of a cat will revive your interior, give it warmth and comfort

The wool is made with the Hair And Fur modifier,
do not forget in Render / Effects in Hairs to change “buffer” to “mr prim” (for Corona Renderer to “Geometry”)

mustache and eyelashes are made by geometry

Hair And Fur is tuned for close angles,
for distant ones, to reduce the render time, you can lower the Hair Count value,
Hair Segments, Hair Passes in General Parameters rollout,
in rollout Material Parameters uncheck Tip Fade

FBX file without hair, but mustache and eyelashes

all texture paths removed

units of measure millimeters (units are especially important for Hair And Fur).

Cards: Clumping, Density, Diffuse fur root, Diffuse fur tip, Diffuse leather, Frizz, Scale

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