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Daz/Poser | 3D models | 114 MB

Introducing Zaid for M4. A good looking and versatile character to use in your Arabian, Egyptian or Indian themed renders.

What’s Included and Features
Custom Head INJ/REM
Custom Head and Hair INJ/REM
Custom Body INJ/REM
Skin Options:
1 Full Hairy
1 Full Shaved
1 Anatomical Element
2 Second Skin Shorts
Face Options:
Hair and Beard
Hair and Shaved
Bald and Beard
Bald and Shaved
Zaid Variations:
Indian Groom Face
Indian Groom Henna Hands
Pharao’s Priest Face
6 Eye Colors
1 General Displacement Map (1000×1000)
8 Eye Texture/Diffuse/Bump/Specular Maps (1000X1000)
1 Lash Transparency Map (2000×2000)
1 Eye Trans Map (1024×1024)
3 Mouth Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (2048×2048)
15 Head Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (4000×4000)
8 Limbs Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (4000×4000)
1 Reflectiom Map (3000×3000)
17 Torso Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (4000×4000)
4 Gen Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (2000×2000)
P6 Material Poses
DAZ Studio Material Presets
Material Poses to Apply All Presets

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