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Mst Zofia for Zelara 8
Mst Zofia for Zelara 8
Daz/Poser | 3D Models | 195.23 MB

Mst Zofia is a more mature, female character for Zelara 8 Shape for Genesis 8 Female.
She has a unique look that’s perfect for bringing a little beautiful diversity to your renders.
Whether you choose a Human or Humanoid look for her is up to your imagination, as she comes with options for a completely natural skin or a robotically engineered skin.
She also has a wide variety of Eyes, Nails, Lips, Makeups, and Lashes, including many morphs to further enhance your options.
What’s Included and Features
Mst Zofia for Zelara 8: (.DUF)
Zofia Character Preset
Zofia Full Apply/Remove
Zofia Head Shape Apply/Remove
Zofia Body Shape Apply/Remove
Iris Size Morph Apply/Remove
Eyes Align Pose Apply/Remove
Nail Morph Apply/Remove
Lash Morph with 3 presets
Spine Adjust Preset (for Zero Pose)

Material Options:
Zofia !Default Eye Blue
Zofia Eye Blue Mix
Zofia Eye Brown Dark
Zofia Eye Brown Light
Zofia Eye Green
Zofia Eye Grey
Zofia X AquaGlow CyberEye
Zofia X IndigoGlow CyberEye
Zofia X RedGlow CyberEye
Zofia X YellowGlow CyberEye
Zofia Default Lashes White Glitter
Zofia Default Lashes
Zofia Lashes 01 White Glitter
02 Zofia Lashes Options
Zofia X Extend Lash 0.duf
Zofia X Extend Lash 100.duf
Zofia X Extend Lash 50
Zofia !Default Lips
Zofia Lip Black
Zofia Lip Brown
Zofia Lip Coral
Zofia Lip Magenta
Zofia Lip Orchid
Zofia Lip Pink
Zofia Lip Red
Zofia X HiGloss
Zofia X Matte
Zofia X Shine
Zofia !Default Face
02 Zofia Liner Options
10 Zofia Makeup Options
03 Zofia Blush Overlay Options
Zofia Remove Blush
Zofia !Default Nails
Zofia Nails Black
Zofia Nails Bot-Mech
Zofia Nails Bot-Metallic
Zofia Nails Brown
Zofia Nails Coral
Zofia Nails Magenta
Zofia Nails Orchid
Zofia Nails Pink
Zofia Nails White
Zofia Bot Heart L.I.E.
Zofia Mat Apply-All
Zofia Mat Bot Skin Apply
Zofia Spine Mat Apply
Zofia zz Default Specularity
Zofia zz High Specularity
Zofia zz Medium Specularity

Textures Include:
95 Texture, Bump, Normal and Transparency Maps (2048 X 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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