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Dosch Design: HDRI Space
Dosch Design: HDRI Space
HDri | 5.09  GB

37* high-resolution HDR-Images of space scenes are provided

In the most widely used formats:
Light-Probe – 4096 x 4096 Pixel
Light-Probe Medium – 2048 x 2048 Pixel
Light-Probe Small – 512 x 512 Pixel

Spherical Map – 6144 x 3072 Pixel
Spherical Map Medium – 2048 x 1024 Pixel

Vertical Cross – 6144 x 4608 Pixel
Horizontal Cross – 4608 x 6144 Pixel
Format: hdr (RADIANCE Image Format)

Additionally, the hires Spherical Maps are provided as regular JPEG-files. These can be used

in nearly any 3D-design, animation or image-dditing application.
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