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Concepting Futuristic Cityscapes in Photoshop
Concepting Futuristic Cityscapes in Photoshop
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In this on-demand course, Francesco Lorenzetti will guide you through the development of a futuristic cityscape using industry standard techniques for creating visually stunning concepts, including how to implement the most important photo texturing and painting techniques used in film and game environment concept art today.

The 5 most important lessons:

Using the process of thumbnailing to find direction in design
Important factors to take into consideration in order to create a well balanced concept
Photo-texturing and detailing techniques for enhanced realism
How to quickly but effectively refine the shapes and silhouettes of your artwork
Texturing methods and lighting techniques to produce realistic shadows and overall value
Course Outline
Project 1 : Introduction To Thumbnailing
Francesco covers the basic principles of thumbnailing and establishing quick concepts to start his landscape.
23 Lectures

Project 2 : Adding Contrast To The Scene
Francesco adds basic contrast and shadows to his piece, in order to get a general understanding of what direction he wants to take it.
13 Lectures

Project 3 : Balancing Your Artwork
Francesco covers important factors you need to take into consideration to create a well balanced art piece.
17 Lectures

Project 4 : Phototexturing And Detailing Techniques
Francesco demonstrates more of this texturing and detailing techniques by gathering high resolution photos and implementing them in his scene for realistic results.
14 Lectures

Project 5 : Refining Shapes And Silhouettes
Francesco goes over how to quickly but effectively block in shapes and silhouettes for your artwork.
18 Lectures

Project 6 : Texturing And Lighting The Landscape
Francesco covers addition texturing methods and lighting techniques to produce realistic shadows and overall value.
19 Lectures

Project 7 : Adding More Detail To The Landscape
Francesco goes over populating the scene with objects and adding subtle details to bring more character to the scene.
18 Lectures

Project 8 : Finishing the Painting
Making final adjustments for the painting and adding any last corrections.
22 Lectures
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