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Bra Set La Lampe GRAS
Bra Set La Lampe GRAS
max | fbx | 3D Models | 93 MB

A series of lamps “La Lampe GRAS” (France) Mark Links tuned, wires attached with the help of Dummy and bend depending on the rotation of the shoulders fixtures. Manual: Carry the sconces in the scene is not grupiruya, allocate a suitable lamp base and drag to the desired location. Rotate the shoulders in a coordinate system Local, wires will bend automatically. Fbx archival №304 Polys: 53,940 Verts: 32047 №304L40 Polys: 63,988 Verts: 41201 №304L60 Polys: 63,988 Verts: 41201 №210 Polys: 86,586 Vert

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